Design & Build

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A Successful Project Starts with a Great Design Our “in-house” design team has the knowledge and the expertise to address the critical aspects of your project: Conceptual Design Assistance (Renderings, Aerial imagery, 2-Dimesional views Thermal detailing including cold storage roof … Continued

Central Plant

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Central Plant Refrigeration For larger cold storage and processing facilities Perley-Halladay can offer industrial central plant ammonia or Freon systems.  Installation can be performed design/build or build to spec.  Central plant systems offer many advantages over commercial “split” systems including … Continued

Commercial Split Systems

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Commercial “Split” System Refrigeration For small to medium sized projects, commercial “split” refrigeration systems are the design of choice.  Our engineering team will size and design the systems to your specific budget and needs including product loading conditions, usage, energy … Continued

Swing Doors

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Quality swing doors are critical to every cold storage or processing facility. Understanding the benefits and capabilities of each type of door and selecting the correct door for an environment is important. We handle all types of insulated swing door … Continued