Perley-Halladay is a respected design and build contractor specializing in refrigerated and temperature-controlled environments. We custom-engineer and build cold storage facilities and refrigerated warehouses for diverse industries, including:

  • Cold Storage & Logistics
  • Beef & Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Beer & Beverage
  • Baking
  • Produce & Growing
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical

Beer & Beverage

The beer and beverage industry has always been a stable source of work for Perley-Halladay. Recently, with the exploding craft beer and alcohol infused seltzer market, the need for cold storage space has increased dramatically. We have experience in all types and sizes of beer keg coolers and packaged goods temperature-controlled environments. Please see our recent projects list for a sample of our work history in the beer & beverage industry.

Cold Storage & Logistics

The Cold Storage and refrigerated 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) Industry is rapidly expanding across the United States and the World. Over that last 5 decades, Perley-Halladay has specialized in designing and constructing these facilities. We have been fortunate to grow with many of our customers as they expand to accommodate the increasing need for frozen and cold storage space. We are also experienced in the construction of fulfilment centers for home delivery meals and pharmaceutical products. All of our facilities are always designed to achieve the best possible thermal and operating efficiency. Please see our recent projects list for a sample of our work history in the cold storage & logistics industries.

Beef & Poultry

USDA requirements for cold storage and processing spaces are constantly evolving. With over 50 years of experience designing and building beef and poultry processing facilities, Perley-Halladay can tailor a project to our customers’ specific needs. Our designs always focus on exceeding sanitary and safety requirements along with the providing the most efficient cooling and filtering processes available. Check out our latest projects in the beef and poultry industries.


The need for cold storage and refrigerated processing space in the Seafood industry has been rapidly expanding over the last 3 decades. Perley-Halladay has a vast amount of experience in designing and constructing cutting rooms, storage freezers, blast freezers, spiral freezers and super freezers. Our facilities are always designed to the highest sanitary and safety standards in conjunction with the industry’s latest HACCP guidelines. Learn more about our most recent work in the seafood industry.


The Baking industry requires refrigerated and temperature-controlled space in all phases production. Perley-Halladay has serviced the baking industry for over 50 years. We can provide design/build solutions for proofers, retarders, spiral freezers and coolers, storage freezers and coolers. Review our latest work in the baking industry.

Produce & Growing

Perley-Halladay is located in the middle of the very strong produce and growing mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Our customers range from multi-generational family owned businesses to international suppliers. We design and build produce processing and cutting facilities along with the large cold storage logistics facilities which service this market. The produce and growing industries feature some of our latest projects.

Pharmaceutical & Medical

The stability of many elements used for the pharmaceutical and medical industries are often dependent on tightly controlled environments. Perley-Halladay has an extensive history of designing and building environmental rooms, 4C cold rooms, -20C freezers, warm rooms, fulfilment centers, test chambers and refrigerated carousel enclosures. Please see our recent projects list for a sample of our work history in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Cold Storage Solutions from Perley-Halladay

With nearly 60 years of experience across a broad array of industries, Perley-Halladay offers unparalleled expertise and custom cold storage solutions. We can plan, design, and implement state-of-the-art temperature-controlled facilities for any industry or application. Our reputation for quality and long-lasting relationships with some of the most prestigious companies in the world give testament to the quality of our services and commitment to customer service. For help with your next project, contact Perley-Halladay today.