Since 1961, Perley-Halladay Associates, Inc. has been a pre-eminent designer and installer of prefabricated insulated metal panels systems for a variety of industries. Our work history extends from cold storage and food processing plants to commercial and industrial manufacturing facilities. Perley-Halladay is committed to providing the highest-quality products in the industry.

Insulated Metal Panels

Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs), are composed of lightweight metal “skins” over foamed-in-place insulation. Their unique design makes them exceptional insulators for use in a variety of applications that require protection from external temperature fluctuations. In addition to their superior insulating properties, these metal panels are engineered for easy one-pass installation.

IMPs can be created using a variety of designs, colors, and sizes to meet both functional and aesthetic needs. They typically come in one of three designs:

Due to their high level of versatility and low installation costs, IMPs are widely used to construct a variety of commercial buildings and facilities, including:

  • Warehouses and Storage Facilities
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Complexes
  • Educational Institutions
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Government Buildings and Installations
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Hospitality and Food Service Businesses
  • Commercial Office Spaces

Perley-Halladay Associates, Inc. for Quality Insulated Metal Panels

For the past four generations, Perley-Halladay’s family-owned business has established valuable lasting relationships with our loyal customers. We are dedicated to providing superior materials and unmatched service, so our customers receive the best products in the industry. To learn how our insulated metal panels can improve your facility, contact us today.

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