For over 70 years, Kopke Fruit (William H Kopke Jr. Inc.) has imported the finest fruits from all over the world for distribution throughout North America. They are the number one importer of Chilean fruit as well as a leader in importing produce from Peru, Argentina, South Africa, and Mexico along with various other countries.
Perley-Halladay performed complete design and construction of this packing and storage warehouse for KDC Group in Vineland, NJ


  • 170,000 Sq. ft. building, w/ (2) story fully accessible office fit-out
  • Perley-Halladay provided full oversight of 23 Acre site including site development, dock layouts, stormwater management, and utilities.
  • 25,000 Sq. Ft. Repack Area that meets USDA compliancy with floor drains and full washdown surfaces.
  • 70,000 pallet storage capacity in seven cooler compartments.
  • 26 Dock Doors, 21 High Speed doors
  • State of the art refrigeration with custom controls and monitoring system. Coolers designed to maintain and pre-cool products. Pre-cooler units are capable of cooling 26 pallets in 4 hours.